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A self-professed nerd girl speaks out.

I am the weird one in my circle of friends. “Eccentric” is the word most often used to describe me and I take no issue with it. There are worse things in the world to be labelled than to have people remark on the fact that I tend to hang out in a world that is a bit left of center.

For those of you who are a bit confused, I shall start with the purpose of this exercise and move on from there.

Being a “nerd girl” or “nerdette” is harder than it looks. Some of us have narrow fields of nerdery; others dabble in a little bit of everything and anything. There is nerd-versus-nerd elitism. If it is hard to be a geeky (or nerdy) guy, it is twice as hard to be a nerdy girl. If we’re the “sexy librarians” of the world, what happens if we want to be the superheroines as well and better yet, know what all of that means?

It’s hard to find a place to belong. A collective of so-called “out there” things that both inspire and unite us. Maybe you know a lot about comics of the 1960s or enjoy rambling about grammar. What happens if you like both of those things and like to add in some Renaissance Spanish history?

I can’t say that I am well-versed in any of those things, but I can say that I appreciate the loving care that those who are passionate about them put into their fields (hobbies, quirks).  Which is why I decided there needs to be a guide. It is less of a how-to and more of a travel book-meets- Kelly’s blue book.

From super heroes to geek chic to the perfect mix of things to get your geek-themed party hopping I hope to bridge the gap and give some good ole fashioned blog press to those who deserve it.

So I welcome you to the Nerdette’s Guide.  With a little more sass, class, and a whole lot of fun let’s make this an interesting ride.

Submissions for post ideas and interesting things can be found in the sidebar. Thanks in advance.


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